What are press fittings?

The use of fittings is essential in the installation of pipework, even in flexible pipe, micropore or plastic pipe. This is because all pipe has resistance, whether it is hard-hard table X or polybutylene, PEX or PEX-AL-PEX. The installation in both a domestic and commercial application demands tight bends, coupling of pipework for long runs or teeing off to create other legs in the system. The central heating, hot water and gas pipe systems used today are becoming increasingly more complex and with the introduction of more controls, valves and energy efficiency the use of fittings is essential. The fittings that are used on pipework can range from push-fit, press, solder ring or end feed fittings that allow for various ways for the connection between pipe and fitting to be made. The process may differ but the outcome can give varying results and take different lengths of time.

The benefits of Press Fittings

With the different types of fittings or pipe systems there is differing mechanisms, ancillary items required, for instance solder and flux, or tools required, blow-torches, press-guns or crimping tools. The existence of so many types of pipe and fittings systems is a result of innovation, historical habits, national and domestic influences and trends in materials, as well as historical issues in product shortages. There has been influences in the UK from the US and Europe and legislation impacts of what is perceived to be safer and less harmful to the user. With the use of traditional systems which are still very popular today there is a requirement to use flux and solder to form a joint on copper pipe. With the increasing pressure on fire safety in a lot of commercial properties the use of a flame onsite is prohibited and this is where Press and other non-burn systems can provide a great solution.


The applications of Press Fittings

The use of press system and notably M-Profile press fittings has increased widely across the world because the fittings have become well trusted, available, reduced in price due to increased production and more convenient.The performance of M-Profile press guns (Z-Press by Zupper Tools) has also improved along with the battery technology that they use enabling better press cycles. The M-Profile press fittings are available with a full complement of valves, various fitting configurations, bends, tees, spigots, reducing tees and valves. It is also available to use on gas, water (potable and non-potable) as well as heating pipe. These applications are extended by the various mediums of pipe, steel, copper and plastic that press fittings can be used upon. There is also a great range of sizes that M-Profile press jaws can be used upon (15 mm up to 54 mm) means that commercial pipe sizes are easily supported.


The Press Fittings range

The press fittings, for instance Cupro-Fit from Cubralco are fast, reliable and readily available in a variety of sizes, alongside a complement of valves. The speed of installation with Cupro-Fit fittings is much quicker than traditional systems as it is a prep, push, mark, press system. These various stages allow for trusted joints every time and combined with the use of a Z-Press M-Profile Press tool it means that there is very little work to do. All of the Cupro-Fit press fittings are WRAS approved and there is also a range of isolation valves, red and blue handled lever ball valves and male iron couplers.