Plastic Pipe Clips

Our range of economical plastic pipe clips offer a simple solution to all plumbing pipe fitting needs.

Open single and double clips have a high stand-off to allow for lagging and strengthened arms to ensure a firm grip. These are available in 15mm, 22mm and 28mm.

Plastic lock clips are available in single 15mm, 22mm and 28mm, with the double in 15mm and 22mm. These have a hinged design for reliable repeated opening and closing and a high stand to allow for lagging.

Our link clips are a robust stand-alone clip that can also be linked together for multiple pipe runs. These can also be used with trunking. Single link clips are in 15mm, 22mm and 28mm. With double link clips in 15mm and 22mm.

Plastic Pipe Clips in stock include:

  • Open single & Open double clips
  • Single lock & double lock clips
  • Single link lock & double link lock clips

We also supply a range of accessories with support posts, pipe collars, trunking, nail on clips and screw plugs.

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