Coils Plain & PVC

Plumbing Tube Coils Plain or PVC Coated –
EN1057 R220 (Table W & Table Y)

Premium quality Cu-DHP Copper Tube, Kite Mark approved by BSI and a European market leader with a reputation for quality and competitiveness.

Supplied with 20 year manufacturers guarantee against failure due to manufacturing defect.

Orders are picked to meet your specific requirements.

Ex-Stock for Delivery throughout the UK

Copper plumbing tube in coils are available from stock either Uncoated/Plain, or PVC coated with a factory applied seamless plastic coloured coating (i.e. yellow for gas, blue for water) which creates a physical barrier that allows the copper tube to be buried in soil or cement without fear of attack from aggressive compounds, making it ideal for under floor heating.

SOFT TEMPER COPPER MICROBORE COILS – in accordance with BS EN 1057 R220 CW024A (Table W)


10 Metre Coils

25 Metre Coils

8 mm X 0.6 mm

10 mm X 0.7 mm

8 mm X 0.6 mm

10 mm X 0.7 mm

YELLOW or BLUE PVC COATED BS EN 1057 R220 CW024A (Table Y)
15 mm x 1 mm

22 mm x 1 mm

Plumbing tube produced to the very highest standards

State of the art quality control systems and production methods ensure our plumbing tubes fully comply with BS EN1057. They have a considerably lower level of residual carbon than is required by the EN1057 European manufacturing standard. This provides excellent resistance to corrosion and makes it the ideal choice for supplying drinking water, use in heating plants and for the distribution of gases and combustible liquids.

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