Copper Tubes

Copper Plumbing Tube

Plumbing Tube available in 15mm up to 108mm, ex-stock from our UK warehouse.
We offer quality and competitiveness, with approval marks in all major European markets.

CuBrAlco stock Kitemarked BS EN1057 Copper Plumbing Tubes in:

  • Copper Straight Lengths (R250, R290 & Litex)
  • PVC Coated and Chrome Plated Copper Straight Lengths (R250)
  • Copper Coils in plain & PVC coated (R220)

Industrial Copper Tube

We offer a wide range of seamless drawn copper Capillary Tube and Level Wound Coils
as used in engineering and industrial sectors for applications such as refrigeration and heat exchange.

CuBrAlco stock Copper Industrial Tubes in:

  • Level Wound Copper (LWC)
  • Capillary Tube

ACR Tube – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

CuBrAlco’s copper piping used for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ACR), is manufactured specifically for the UK market, is supplied Nitrogen-purged and Capped, and all tube is marked to enable full traceability.

CuBrAlco stock BS EN12735-1:2016 ACR Tube in:

  • Soft Temper as Pancake Coils
  • Half-Hard Straight Lengths (stock coming soon)

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