Cupro-Fit Press Fit M Profile


We are pleased to introduce CUPRO-FIT M-Profile Press Fittings. A brand of Copper ‘M’ profile press fit fittings which are WRAS approved and Kite-marked Gas approved.

We are stocking a full range of fittings from 15 mm to 54 mm including couplers, elbows, tees, fitting reducers, reducing couplers and cross overs. This high quality plumbing fittings range is and suitable for copper tube works with a battery operated Press-Tool, like the Z-Press from Zupper.

Suitable for use on copper tube used in cold or hot water applications working up to 16 bar and 85 degrees Celsius. Fast and easy to fit with flame free installation CUPRO-FIT is the perfect solution for many plumbing applications. Used by mechanical engineers, plumbers and heating engineers.


Kite-mark for Gas Press Fit Fittings – KM775908

Cupro-Fit Gas Press Fittings are suitable for gas applications in commercial and domestic buildings. The fittings are indicated for use with gas by the yellow o-ring and GAS label marked on all gas m-profile press fittings. Only gas fittings can be used on gas and comply with BS.EN 1254-7 2021. They have a maximum operating pressure to 5 Bar and a working temperature range of – 20 °C to 70 °C with a High Thermal Capacity 650°C for 30 mins @ 5bar (GT5).

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Cupro-Fit Gas Press Fittings have a range of lever ball valves, full bore isolating valves and brass male and female fittings to suit multiple applications for M&E Contractors, plumbers, underfloor heating specialists and heating engineers. These fittings include wall plate elbows and straight tap connectors. M-Profile press systems are professional ranges of fittings that can be used with gas, water, heating and potable water to create a reliable joint that does not require solder, flux or any blow torch, therefore reducing risk and insurance for hot works.

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