Climaflex Pipe Insulation

CLIMAFLEX® plumbing pipe insulation is commonly used throughout the UK and Europe to insulate central heating pipework and as pipe insulation in loft spaces to prevent freezing.

Because of its low thermal conductivity, CLIMAFLEX® reduces the loss of heat in plumbing and heating installations by up to 80%. This maximizes not only the cost efficiency, but also the efficiency of the entire unit.

In most domestic applications CLIMAFLEX® pipe insulation is an excellent combination of good performance and low cost.

CLIMAFLEX® is manufactured in the UK.

CLIMAFLEX® is a foam product with sound absorbing properties, reducing pop and flow noises in pipes. Polyethylene foam is a cost-efficient material with outstanding insulating properties. Products made of PE foam yield an excellent cost/performance ratio.

Product is totally CFC and HCFC free, with an ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) of zero.

CLIMAFLEX® is a flexible grey foam pipe lagging that is available in 1 and 2 metre lengths, with a range of thicknesses from 9mm up to 25mm. It can be used externally, although it will degrade faster than normal in sunlight.

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