Level Wound Copper (LWC)

Industrial Level Wound Copper Coils –
Supplied to EN12735 R250/290 EN12449 / C106 Cu-DHP

Level Wound Coils (LWC) are particularly suited to long production runs. It is most commonly used in industrial and heat exchange applications such as air conditioning, refrigeration, boilers and liquid chilling equipment.

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Premium quality Cu-DHP Copper Tube, Kite Mark approved by BSI and a European market leader with a reputation for quality and competitiveness.

Orders are picked to meet your specific requirements.

Seamless drawn copper Level Wound Coil can be supplied in a variety of finishes and formats:

  • Smooth or inner groove finish
  • Soft (annealed) or hard condition
  • On reel or off reel
  • Coils of 100kgs or 150kgs
  • Suitable for use with all modern refrigerants, including R410A

Rigorous attention is paid to dimensional uniformity, uniformity of the physical state, the absence of faults and internal cleanliness, all of which is aimed at guaranteeing consistent quality and traceability of the product.

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