Consumables & Tools

CuBrAlco stock a wide selection plumbing tools and consumables to complete your requirements.

We stock popular brands along with our own range of products and chemicals.

Plumbing Consumables held in stock include:

  • Solder – 500grm & 250grm reels of leaded and lead-free
  • PTFE Tape – WRAS Approved BS7786 and Gas BS6974
  • Jointing compound – Fernox Hawk White & Boss White
  • Flux for lead-free solder joints – Power Flux & LACO Flux
  • Steel wool in sleeve and pads
  • Fernox leak sealer

Water Treatments / System Additives held in stock include:

  • CuBrAlco Inhibitor
  • CuBrAlco Descaler
  • CuBrAlco Desludger
  • CuBrAlco Noise Reducer
  • CuBrAlco Power Flush
  • Sentinel X100 Inhibitor, X200 Descaler, X300 Cleaner, X400 Sludge Remover
  • Sentinel X800 Fernoquest
  • CuBrAlco Aerosols: Maintenance Spray, Leak Detector, Pipe Freeze, Air Duster & Silicone Lubricant

Plumbing Tools held in stock include:

  • Thermal protection heat mats
  • 4-way multi keys and 3-way radiator keys
  • Internal bending springs
  • Boxed spanner with rod & cranked Immersion heater
  • Adjustable and fixed basin wrenches
  • Stop cock and manhole cover keys
  • Cistern Lever Arms
  • Tube and pipe cutters
  • Pipe and sink cleaner

To order, please visit the Cubralco online shop

Alternatively email us at or call us on 01562 825 152