Radiator Valves

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV)

When fitted to radiators, TRVs are used to control the temperature within the room. Used properly they will significantly reduce the energy used by the heating system.

Our radiator valves have a thermostatic head and reversible bi-directional body and are available for 8mm, 10mm and 15mm pipe fittings.

The built-in sensor with liquid-filled element has a graduated scale from 0-5 that corresponds to setting ranges from 7°C to 28°C, along with a frost protection setting.

Fully tested to 10 Bar, with a maximum pressure difference of 0.8 Bar; nominal flow rate of 173kgs/h and maximum flow temperature of 120°C.

We stock a full range of these high quality radiator valves, including a contractor twin pack including an angled TRV, lock shield and decorators cap.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve fittings held in stock include:

  • Chrome head straight TRV
  • Fully chromed straight TRV
  • Contractor (white) straight TRV
  • 90 degree chrome head TRV
  • 90 degree fully chrome TRV
  • 90 degree contractor (white) TRV

Supplied with two year manufacturer’s warranty.

Lockshields to BSEN1215 –
Pressure tested to 10 Bar

We stock an excellent range of angled and straight lockshields for 8mm, 10mm and 15mm pipe fittings, including angled with a drain off cock, complete with wheel head and lock shield tops.

Lockshield fittings held in stock include:

  • Angled lockshield
  • Angled lockshield with drain off cock
  • Straight lockshield
  • Corner lockshield

Radiator accessories including vents, adjustable tails and radiator keys also stocked.

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