As a leading supplier of copper to the building materials industry and specifically the plumbing, heating and hot water industry Cubralco is a proud member of The Copper Sustainability Partnership. This unique group of companies have come together to champion the sustainable qualities of copper in the built environment, HVAC and plumbing industries. The partnership is also determined to uncover the realities of too much plastic and synthetics causing widespread problems of micro-plastics and fire hazards in buildings and the environment. There is also the lack of recycling and nature of plastic that in comparison to copper hampers the challenge for a more sustainable future.

Copper vs Plastic

The debate against plastic is becoming increasingly based on better evidence. This has become apparent by various factors within the building materials industry. The widespread use of plastic is becoming an issue in fire safety and water contamination. Pollutants within drinking water and the water system has been well documented over the years but this is often due to sewage, heavy metal or surface run-off discharging detectable pollutants in the water. Plastic and micro-plastic unfortunately has not been added to that list. In respect to micro-plastic these undetectable pollutants can last for many years going without notice. Check out our blog for more info.

Copper is indefinitely recyclable

Credentials of copper

Copper is a superior product too plastic in many ways and in simple terms it is much better looking product with numerous hidden qualities that rival other pipeline products. Cubralco has been selling copper products for over 50 years and understands these unique characteristics. As a traded commodity copper is essential to the built in environment and these properties often define its use with the industry. It is tough and malleable, corrosion resistant and versatile. It can also be recycled indefinitely and without losing its main characteristics, It is also naturally antimicrobial so it resistant to viruses, fungi and bacteria. There is also no leakage of harmful materials and it is high conductive.