FlushKING Fill Valves

CuBrAlco is pleased to be a distributor of FlushKING products. These offer versatile, value for money solutions to water wastage and toilet repair.

The product range includes repair and replacement flush valves that are fully adjustable to the needs of the individual household. They also offer a range of ball valve replacement fill valves including adjustable, bottom fill, quiet operation and fast fill features. And if you’re looking to refurbish a toilet completely they have a range of Cistern repair packs.

With water metering a growing area of concern for consumers, installing FlushKING’s products will help to save on unnecessary water use.

FlushKING products in stock include:

  • Toilet flush valves
  • Toilet fill valves
  • Repair packs
  • Cistern adapters

FlushKING products are supplied with a 5 year Manufacturer’s Warranty

To order, please visit the Cubralco online shop

Alternatively email us at sales@cubralco.com or call us on 01562 825 152